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Here is a miscellany of images that will likely be of interest to Everyman's Library collectors and other curious individuals.
As Laurence Sterne writes in Tristram Shandy, "there is no disputing against HOBBY-HORSES."

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Aldine House photo Aldine House sketch Temple Press floor plan

Aldine House, the offices of J. M. Dent and Sons, was located on Bedford Street in the Covent Garden district of London. The photo is from The House of Dent: 1888-1938. The sketch is from Aldine House (1926) and is probably the work of Herbert Railton. The floor plan of the Temple Press in Letchworth is from A Tour of the Temple Press (1935). For further interesting information on the Temple Press, see the exhibit of photographs at the UNC Wilson Library website.

The Bookmark Everyman Magazine Everyman Magazine

The Bookmark was a quarterly published by Dent from 1925-38 and is of considerable interest to collectors. The original Everyman Magazine was a weekly published by Dent and which appeared from 1912-15. Despite its name, it had little to do with Everyman's Library. It was revived by a different publisher in 1929 and had a brief run. Dent re-acquired rights to the name in 1935 and incorporated it into The Bookmark.  See Guide 43-45 and History 14.

Encyclopedia stand Review note
Source: Charles Bowers

This fine set of quarter pigskin encyclopedias in a revolving wooden book stand with Temple sundial device decals on the sides is the proud possession of Charles Bowers of Toronto. Dents sold various book stands, shelves, boxed sets, and other EML related items too numerous to mention, though now seldom to be found, especially outside the U.K.

1964 review copy note

Encyclopedia shelf

Source: Mike Greenleaf

Encyclopedia shelf

In 1931 Dents published the 2nd edition of the encylopedia in a larger format with no serial numbers, but as Seymour notes, it "was still considered part of EML" until it was transferred to the Everyman Reference Library with the 3rd edition of 1949 (History 115). This quarter-leather set in a Craftsman-style shelf is from the collection of Mike Greenleaf of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

RLS Stamp

The image at left is an enlarged version of a stamp (3/4 x 3/4 in, or 2 x 2 cm) which appears usually on the inside of the rear free endpaper in EML Stevenson volumes. The 1912 General Regulations allowed for the collection of copyright royalties on published works by means of stamps. The stamps were produced from 1925-44 by the Society of Authors, Playrights and Composers at the request of Stevenson's heir and stepson, Lloyd Osborn, to facilitate his collection of royalties on his stepfather's works. For other details, see Guide 37-8.

Rotary set Rotary set
Source: John B. Krygier
Rotary set Rotary set

From the collection of John B. Krygier of Columbus, Ohio, this boxed set of Green's Short History of England (Nos. 727-728) was distributed at a Rotary convention in Edinburgh in 1921. Details about the convention are printed on the front free endpaper. Note the blue color instead of the usual red used for the History section. The binding material is smoother than is typical of the Flatback Era, and the cover of each volume is blind-stamped with a Rotary symbol (detail shown above) instead of the usual Dent device.

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